I reminisce on a time where I felt like I needed others to..

I reminisce on a time where I felt like I needed others to validate me, especially men. I had feeling of I’m not enough (more on this another time) and if I could meet that ‘dream guy’ then it would all be OK. Wow was I wrong. On my search for my beloved I began to realise that this was a false premise and it is untrue. Through many trials and tribulations I have come to a rather clear awareness of knowing that loving, like happiness is an inside job. If I can find, source and nourish love from my inner world and listening to the whispers and wisdom of my heart then, I can share that with others. Being in a loving relationship definitely helps but it not necessary nor a prerequisite for this internal transformation to occur. Also, the feeling of love and joy from the external experience feels deeper. For example sharing in a client’s breakthrough for them creating on purpose work through a series of events they’re creating to a friend sharing the pregnancy of her child with a 3 month scan image. I find that my inner awareness heightens these outer experiences. All of these life changing experiences make my heart sing. Yay. And once again it shows me that true love and happiness start from the inside out.  By cultivating a relationship with my own amazing heart. I will be exploring these themes and more on March 15th at Into the Heart Yoga Retreat Day March 15th in Liverpool

In our first of it’s kind Into the Heart Yoga Retreat Day we (myself and the wonderful Sion Jones Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher) will be exploring the connection to our Heart Energy Centre (chakra) and the emotions that can often feel stuck or scary to experience from there. Please be aware that no previous yoga experience is necessary. You will also receive a daily home practice outline from this Retreat Day. I have found that having a daily practice for me is what really creates the internal shifts for big and lasting changes both inside and outside. It is the everyday activities meditation, yoga, journaling that count. If you’re curious and or excited to find out more I would really love to hear from you. More about the Retreat day is mentioned here. **Special Newsletter Offer* is mentioned in newsletter and available until March 6th 2020 (LOVE ME YES)  Please contact me for details.

We will co-create a safe and sacred space for you to awaken and unleash your heart wisdom. We will explore practices to melt blockages and inner obstacles that may be holding us back (inner critic), creating confusion (between head and heart), feeling stuck, stagnant and perhaps like we can’t get out of our head.

We will explore why being in heart energy can feel vulnerable and how to begin to cultivate and align with our Heart Energy as a Super Power.

The heart chakra (known in Sanskrit as Anahata) is  the 4th chakra (from the traditional 7 chakra system)  and is the bridge between bridge between the three physical chakras and the three spiritual chakras. We will explore balancing and integrating this powerful energy centre which is traditionally represented by the colour green. (You may wish to wear the colour green (or another colour that resonates) at this work shop to amplify connection with the Heart Energy Centre)

The Retreat Day includes:
• Heart Activation – unleashing the heart as inner teacher wisdom.
• Heart Energy Release practice
• Journaling and pair / small group discussion
• Sharing Circle
• Yoga Movement – Heart Opening Sequence
• Mindfulness
• Meditation
• Breathwork
• Mantra
• Sound Healing
• Kirtan – the Yogic practice of singing from the heart. We repeat simple mantras again and again, it is an effortless and very accessible way to experience some freedom from the endless chatter of the mind, revealing a graceful state of being and inner peace.
• Community Connection with heartful beings.
• A home practice outline to connect with heart wisdom daily

No previous yoga or meditation experience is required a curiosity to explore is most welcome. More info and booking here. Sign up for newsletter by sending me an email Thank you.

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