A time to Rest. A time to Relax

I’m in need of relaxation and deep rest. As I look around and observe what may seem to be chaos unfolding in many of our institutional structures, I’m reminded once againĀ  the importance of taking time out or rather what I call much needed time ‘in’ for myself. This is a time for me to simply slow down, to breathe, to rest deeply and let myself simply melt into relaxation. The science and art of relaxation are pretty well documented but a few things I’d like to highlight are:

  • Coming into rest and digest mode has a nourishing effect on your body, mind and spirit.
  • There are physiological requirements necessary to enable the body and mind to quieten and relax.
  • That we can actually lose weight when we activate our parasympathetic nervous system moving away from flight and fight sympathetic nervous system mode of daily being.
  • Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable to be still and yet this where the magic happens.

We will be exploring all of the above and more next week Sunday 14th April at Slow Flow Relax and Reset Yoga workshop

I’m especially excited to be exploring the use of sound. It is, what one of my favourite teachers, Richard Freeman calls the ‘easiest form of Yoga’. We will explore sound as tool for grounding, integration, connection, health, well being and release which we will also experience in this workshop. Sion Jones (a lovely localĀ  Liverpool Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher) will also be joining us for some Kirtan at the end of the workshop in our sharing circle.

The workshop is especially suited to those of us who are feeling tired, restless, perhaps we are doing too much (because we feel like we have to) and not getting enough rest. We will learn the Art of Slowing Down, to breathe, to receive and have some more ease in our daily lives including take home practices. For more information and booking please go here

10% of proceeds will go directly to those affected by events in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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