My Story

My Story

My first encounter with yoga was back in 2003 when I passed by a studio near my work place in the City of London. The feeling from this Kundalini class left its indelible imprint. A couple of years later whilst working out at the gym I noticed a man practicing what I now know to be Yoga asanas (postures) and knew instantly that I had to try it. Taking the opportunity to join him and learn from him (thank you dear Ash), I’ve been exploring and practicing Yoga ever since.

I enjoy sharing the never ending art of connecting breath with movement and harmonising the mind with body and spirit. There’s something remarkable and wonderful that happens in this space of opening and  surrendering to the moment with all your  fear, pain, uncomfortableness and resistance.  The resistance starts to melt away. It’s like you’ve come home to place you know but forgot about somehow. Once you have a taste of this you want more.

Having suffered from depression, I was in awe finding that yoga practice gave me a means of creating emotional balance and simply feeling more alive, happy, connected and energised. So with the support of my teacher at the time Ash and a friend I decided to develop my practice further by undertaking the Yogacampus (London) Teacher Training Diploma (2012 – 2014). I was also encouraged to undertake Yoga intensives with teachers including Richard Freeman, Judith Hanson Lasater, Dr Timothy McCall, Bo Forbes and Doug Keller.

More recently I’ve been exploring the subtler aspects of Yoga working with pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation under the expertise of the delightful Dr Kumar of Traditional Yoga. I love exploring how yoga and meditation hone in on the inherent intelligence of the body and relax the mind so that we can work as a unified field of energy – one team.


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