Into the Heart Yoga Retreat Day

15th March 2020

11:00 - 16:30

StoneWater Zen Centre, 13 Hope Street, L1 9BQ Liverpool


As we trust the calling to share more, give more and contribute more both me and Sion are excited to sharing this upcoming Retreat day with you to explore Love, Compassion and Joy.

We will co-create a safe and sacred space for you to awaken and unleash your heart wisdom.

We will explore practices to melt blockages and inner obstacles that may be holding us back (inner critic), creating confusion (between head and heart), mind chatter and contributing to feelings of stagnation, isolation and frustration.

As we move and breathe we will be receiving and releasing.

We will explore why being in heart energy can feel vulnerable and how to begin to cultivate and align with our Heart Energy as a Super Power.

The Heart Chakra (Anahata) is the 4th chakra and is a bridge between bridge between the three physical chakras and the three spiritual chakras. We will explore balancing and integrating this powerful energy centre which often represented by the colour green. (You may wish to wear the colour green at this work shop to amplify connection with the Heart Energy Centre)

“With great respect and love I honour my heart my inner teacher” – Mukunda Stiles

The Retreat Day includes:
• Heart Activation – unleashing the heart as inner teacher wisdom.
• Heart Energy Release practice
• Journaling and pair / small group discussion
• Sharing Circle
• Yoga Movement – Heart Opening Sequence
• Mindfulness
• Meditation
• Breathwork
• Mantra
• Sound Healing
• Kirtan – KIRTAN is the Yogic practice of singing from the heart. We repeat simple mantras again and again, it is an effortless and very accessible way to experience some freedom from the endless chatter of the mind, revealing a graceful state of being and inner peace.
• Community Connection with heartful beings.
• A home practice outline to connect with heart wisdom daily

No previous yoga or meditation experience is required a curiosity to explore is most welcome.

Energy Exchange
Early bird £69 – 5 places available
Full price £75
2 place pricing – £130
(message Thalbir to book 2 places)
2 concession places available if on low income / unemployed

10% of proceeds will be donated to Family Refugee Support Project Support and therapy through horticulture for refugee and asylum seeking families who are struggling with mental health issues as a result of traumatic experiences. 0151 728 9340

Refreshments and snacks (e.g. fruit, nuts) will be available and feel free to bring a vegetarian dish to share with the group for lunch if that resonates for you.

Please advise if you have a nut allergy

About Sion – Sion is a transformational life coach, mindfulness expert, yoga teacher and Kirtan leader from Wales. He has travelled the world learning the skills and insights he now uses in delivering dynamic and insightful workshops.

About Thalbir – Thalbir is a Yoga, Meditation Teacher, A Peer Support Mentor and Facilitator for women experiencing depression, anxiety and has recently started working as a Transformational Coach and Facilitator. She is on a mission to help women and men break through their inner barriers and limiting beliefs and have a breakthrough shift in their life around purpose and calling, prosperity, career and relationships