Yoga, Safety, Intimacy & Trust – Women’s Workshop

2nd June 2019

14:00 - 17:00

Stonewater Zen, 13 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BH


There has been a collective unconscious belief around women and our womanhood which creates fear around who we are and what we represent. This belief system has denied, repressed and shamed many attributes of our experiences and existence. I recall a time where I felt it was not safe to be me, it was not safe to be in my woman body. I have had many conversations with women who feel it is not safe to be in their bodies, to feel what they feel, to embrace their womanhood. This has inspired me to create this workshop.

I notice how many of us women have disconnected from the source of our creative and sexual energy (our sacral chakra). When out of balance this often displays as emotional instability, fear of change, sexual dysfunction, chronic low back pain, reproductive issues lack of creative energy to name a few. This also affects our inner states of being, from the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and what we feel is possible in relationship with ourselves and in intimate relationships with another.

In this workshop we will be exploring both our sense of safety, security, feeling grounded (Root Chakra) and the Sacral Chakra (our creative and sexual energy).

The intention of this workshop is to observe, build and strengthen the relationship we have with ourselves primarily. As we begin to turn towards that which is yearning to be heard and seen we can begin to name it, which allows it to shift. And as we feel more empowered a deep and loving relationship with ourselves begins to seed, blossom and grow. In this workshop we will explore:

  • Movement inspired by Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong
  • Subtle body awareness
    • Safety, Feeling Secure and Grounded – Muladhara Chakra
    • Sexual Energy and Creativity – Svadhisthana Chakra
    • Safety – a group discussion and pair work
    • Intimacy – pair work and group discussion
    • Trust – the relationship we have with ourselves – Power Centre practice and pair work
    • Womb Healing
    • Breath work
    • Relaxation

No previous experience is necessary. Suitable for women who feel ready shift their awareness and realign into new possibilities of empowerment, self-awareness and deep self-care for themselves and what they deeply yearn to create for themselves.

Energy exchange £26.

2 concession places are available

Tickets: Yoga, Safety, Intimacy & Trust Women’s Workshop

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Self-Care & Self-Aware Workshop

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