Yoga & Gong Bath – A Gift for You

3rd March 2018

14:00 - 16:15



We welcome you to join us for a nourishing session of movement, flow, bliss and stillness.

With the chaos of Christmas “busy”ness upon us we invite you to take a deep relaxing journey of nourishing yoga, breathing, meditation, chanting and co-creating an exquisite haven. We will experience deep rejuvenation and bliss as we melt into the vibrations of the auspicious healing Gongs led by the delightful Suzie Price.

No previous experience necessary although some previous yoga experience will be helpful

Wear comfortable layered clothing. Please bring a yoga mat, cushion, blanket and eye cover. Some mats will be available to borrow.

Energy exchange: £25

About Thalbir:

Thalbir is a yoga and meditation guide having practiced for over 12 years. She has a fun, friendly and down to earth unique teaching style, which makes you feel fresh, light, energised and grounded. She specialises in the more subtle forms of yoga namely, chanting, mindfulness, breathing and meditation and is great at teaching everyone who is ready and those with little or no previous experience.

About Suzie Price:

Suzie fell in love with the way of the Gong over thirteen years ago, finding the gong bath to be both a wonderfully therapeutic and blissful experience. She immediately began saving up for her first gong and training! Suzie has now trained extensively with Don Conreaux, founding forefather of the Gong Bath and world famous gong player and teacher Aidan McIntyre. Suzie assists them at UK’s Gong Master Training.

Suitable for all. Some previous experience of yoga helpful.

Location: Liverpool TBC

Date: Saturday, 3rd March at 2pm

Energy exchange: £25

Booking please contact Thalbir
m 07912 069 373.
Paypal payments on Friends & Family option

If you have a yoga mat please bring with you.
Avoid eating a heavy meal at least 90 minutes before session.
Bring water.
For relaxation please bring a small cushion, blanket and eye cover (e.g. scarf, socks).

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