I’m feeling a calling be more vulnerable, honest and authentic

As I’ve started to shift my awareness and perception towards aligning with my values for: freedom, variety, justice, creativity and self-expression, I’m aware once again of how much it matters to me that I am living a life of meaning and purpose. I feel so blessed to be of service as a Yoga Teacher, a Peer Support Mentor and Facilitator (for women experiencing depression, anxiety) and more recently as a Transformational Coach and Facilitator where I’ve been helping women and men shift from feeling stuck, confused, stagnant and procrastinating. To them gaining momentum, clarity, confidence, taking decisive next steps (which includes getting a new job, boosting income) and tuning into and following their higher purpose and calling. We will explore some of these themes at:

Here’s feedback from a participant who attended my last workshop in January:
“Really looking forward to this (Discover Feminine Powers Workshop Feb 16th) as the last workshop was so relaxing and healing I have eaten healthier since I haven’t been smoking at all and I got an interview and was successful so a very positive experience for me and I will definitely be coming to this event really surprised at the positive impact it had on my life thanks Thal” – Emma.

As I child I remember playing a game where I thought I was invisible (if I was able to cover myself up fully) and in doing so I would feel safe and protected. Similarly, I felt the need to protect myself in my personal relationships with men and would often display defensive behaviours towards them as a result. I’ve also noticed that in some of my school experiences I struggled to fit in with the children around me. I felt a deep sense of being different and often shamed for distinct differences like my brown skin and funny accent (I moved to Liverpool in the late 1980s from West Yorkshire). I became aware that I didn’t belong and yet yearned to be like the girls around me with little success. I remember an experience of being alienated for looking and speaking differently to the children who were in my school ( I was one of 3 brown faces in my academic year) I felt a crushing sense of loneliness and deep longing to change myself to fit in. The more I tried to be like someone else the more I ran away from the destiny I felt calling me.

I see how the culmination of these varied experiences have been necessary preparation for the work I’m now stepping into as Transformational Coach and Facilitator. I’m aware of how important it is for us as women, to have safe spaces to explore, express, connect, share and release. So I have set up this workshop next Sunday 16th February to explore some of these themes:

**Last few places available**. In this introductory workshop we will begin to explore some of the key ideas and concepts mentioned above. My intention is to help empower you to follow your deeper heart calling. I would also love for you to meet others and co-create a community of support, connection and resources. This workshop is an invitation for you to be bold, to be brave and feel inspired for your next steps.

The workshop will include:

  • Feminine Power Principles – an introduction and practices.
  • Activating Potentials – connecting with our deeper yearning for self expression, creativity and creation.
  • Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors – explore, reflect, release.
  • Body Movement – Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong influenced movement.
  • BreathWork – to release, instill and anchor
  • Pair and/or small group work discussions – to share our insights, learnings and foster a new destiny pathway of support and resources.
  • Journaling
  • Sharing Circle
  • Meditations
  • Deep Relaxation and Rest (Yoga nidra)

For more info and book please see: http://www.breathandbeingyoga.co.uk/event/discover-your-feminine-powers-activate-explore/

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