I’m giving myself some time today to chill with the still and relax.

In these accelerated times, today I’m giving myself some time today to chill with the still and relax. As I so often share with my clients and in my classes about doing less and slowing down today I am doing this for me also. I’m gifting myself the gift of simply BEing ❤️🌈🙌. Mmmmm

Why do we rush around and try to get so many things done in so little time and then stress ourselves out in the process? Is it possible we can ask for some much needed help? Can we learn to say “NO” and let go of other’s expectations of us? Can we let go of the self-judgement and blame? Can we step into our Power and in doing so empower those around us by simply, honesty and authentically being ourselves and letting those heavy burdened expectations go? Can we simply speak our truth? Hmm I wonder if we can be bold and be brave to listen to the whispers from within dear heart.

My invitation to you if you feel the resonance is to trust yourself and give your self permission to Be You. I’ll be exploring some of these themes at my next workshop Discover Your Feminine Powers – Activate & Explore on Sunday February 16th. In the meantime I’d love to share these wisdom lines:

“As we learn to slow down our mind and attune to our deeper heart feelings our natural intuitive connection can occur.
Intuition is like energetic gold;
Our intuitive insights often unfold more understanding of ourselves, others, issues and life than years of accumulated knowledge – Jeff Foster

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