My Journey of Coming Home to Myself

Can you imagine living in a world where all of your needs are met and where you feel so full of life, energy and vitality? In an upcoming workshop on July 7th I will be supporting you to transform your unconscious behaviour patterns around self-care, to becoming more self-aware from the inside out.

Are your tired of running on empty? Do you notice your self getting upset with those close to you feeling like you’re the one who is always giving? Do you find it hard to say no when asked to do something by another even if you would rather not do it? Do you find it a challenge to put you and your needs first? Can you imagine how it would feel to have yourself and your needs come first. To feel that your cup is full and over-flowing before you start taking care of others.

I used to answer yes to so many of the questions above and realise this is now no longer true for me. Especially since I’ve become aware of the unconscious behaviour patterns that were driving me to live in a way that was incongruent. A place where I ended up over doing, over giving and feeling pissed off, invisible and undervalued. By shifting awareness, naming these behaviours and creating my own daily self-care practice my life has begun to change for the better.

I noticed that I was living my life on empty. I would not drive a car with no petrol nor use a mobile with no battery and yet here I was pushing and willing myself forward. I noticed as I look back now, how it had become the norm on the rat race of a fast paced London city life. I had lost all sense of balance and what it was, that I really wanted, knowing deeply in my heart that, I did not want this. In the end, I had to give it all up and make a career shift, to come back home to myself to nourish my Spirit. And so my Yoga Teacher Training journey began in 2012. I no longer wanted to behave from the mind as ruler mentality. It was hurting me and those close to me. I knew something had to change I could no longer continue operating like this. Note that my journey with practicing yoga had already begun back in 2004/05.

As I began exploring and practicing yoga and creating a regular meditation practice I also began exploring personal transformational coaching practices too and came across my first prolific mentor Derek Rydall in 2014.  During this time I began to notice and unearth the deep, unconscious beliefs I was holding  about me, who I was, how I was showing up, what was possible for me and my place in the world. As I began to question and uncover  these unconscious beliefs I felt some internal resistance. I felt unable to see them for what they were. I felt immense fear of being in this unknown place. I needed to retreat or what I now call, go into standby mode.

In the Summer of 2017, I came across Feminine Power Mastery and Claire Zammit and gave myself permission to journey much deeper. As my awakening to the deeper truths of who I am revealed themselves, I started to became acutely aware of what was possible for me, the life that I deeply yearned to live and express was making itself heard. It had been doing so for the past two years. I was also aware of these same inner stirrings, back when I left my corporate role at Thomson Reuters on the 4th of July, 2011. And I as slowly moved forward with curiosity, playfulness, caution and often trepidation I to began to name these unconscious, limiting beliefs and thought patterns as modeled by Claire and in doing so my awareness began to shift.

I longed to listen to the wisdom within, to express from my heart. To know for me, I could be myself without having to fear others opinions of me and this underlying sense of not being enough. I began to  show up in a new more empowered way, I began to rewrite a new story of potential and possibility aligned with a deeper truth from within.

I had already been inspired to travel to New Zealand  (Aotearoa) following my time on a Women’s Retreat in Bali in Feb/March 2016 and now I knew I could no longer put this trip off. I took a sip of courage and booked a 3 month trip to New Zealand having made one contact from there in London (back in 2016) and having no real idea of what was waiting for me. This trip was a deep Spiritual pilgrimage for me soul (more to explore on this soon).

During my 3 months of traveling, meeting new people, spending a lot of time alone and in nature I noticed a shift occurring my in conscious awareness. I no longer feared to see what was actually taking place. It was safe to remove my rose tinted spectacles. I could handle the truths that were unveiling themselves in various parts of my life. I returned to the UK with a new sense of purpose and vitality. I jumped into the Transformational Coaching and Facilitation training with Claire earlier this year, even whilst traveling around these sacred lands. I could wait no longer. Since then I’ve gained a lot of momentum and this has led me to begin working and supporting others to have a breakthrough in their relationship with themselves in the areas of:

  • Health
  • Wellbeing
  • Career
  • Love and Relationships

(Please note that I am looking for individuals to have a chat with for around 30 to 40 minutes on these topics. Feel free to reach out and find out more about these online sessions).

Now, as I lean in towards a new level of depth and self awareness I wish to share my experiences and support others to have a breakthrough in their life as a Transformational Coach and Facilitator. I’ve started creating weekly Facebook live videos  (Tune up Thursdays) to breakthrough my pattern of invisibility (my inner glass ceiling). I will soon be off to San Francisco (this week Tuesday from 11th June to 25th June) for a deep dive intensive training with my awe inspiring mentor Claire Zammit and her incredible team including Sara Wilson, Ashley Fuller-Rubin and Jana Smith. I am excited beyond words to connect in person with this tribe of amazing women who are part of this conscious, collective, community I have come to know, love and be deeply moved and inspired by.

And I as I tune in, I know that once again, here I am at the precipice. I am at a another turning point in my life. I am ready to step into my leadership potential, to be seen as a pioneer, to breakthrough those inner glass ceilings that have become some familiar and yet keep us so stuck and stagnant. As a transformational coach and facilitator I am ready to step up in the world, to support others on their journey of coming home to who they really are and align with what is possible for them and deeply yearning to be seen, heard and lived. My heart softly whispers  “the waiting is over, it is time to begin. Our time is now”. ❤️🙏🙌❤️☀️

To find out more about how I can support you to have a breakthrough please get in touch with me directly on Thank you.

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