Self-Discovery and Restorative Yoga

My quest to understand Yoga has led me on a remarkable journey of self-discovery. It has inspired me to work with and learn from amazing awe inspiring teachers like Judith Hanson Lasater founder of Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga. Judith has taught me the importance of ‘no rushing’ and the beautiful art of deep and necessary ‘Relaxation’ through Restorative Yoga. Now this was quite revelation for a person always on the go who had up until then been always doing and achieving, striving and getting. I recall practicing in classes where I was always trying to get there and not allowing myself to simply be here. Yoga (both asana and meditation) is always reminding me to become more present, more aware and in the here and now, in this precious moment to moment experience. This is moment is all that exists and then it’s gone.

Furthermore, practising restorative yoga has helped me not only to learn the complex art of relaxation. It has also developed my present moment awareness in everyday life, I feel more so than my more physical asana practices. For me Restorative Yoga has created space in my life and my thoughts. It has resulted in less stress, a happier sense of self and well being and given me the permission to simply take some daily time out for me. It’s had a positive impact in all areas of my life and especially with loved ones.  Both this practice and meditation have led me to become aware of the pause I can take before I respond to many life situations instead of simply reacting to it. Knowing always that I may not choose the circumstance but I can choose I how I respond.  To put this in action is rather remarkable and has resulted in a deeper sense of compassion and understanding for myself and those around me.  For that I am truly, deeply and heart openly grateful. Namaste.

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