Something has shifted. Something has changed.

Kia Ora. As we step into the cold beginnings of Spring I notice the time of change and new beginnings is imminent. I can’t believe over 3 months have passed since I’ve seen or shared with many of you. My trip to New Zealand from December 2018 to March 2019 was more than I could ever have imagined. On my return I was inspired to write this:

Something has shifted,
Something has changed.
Its difficult to describe
And yet my being knows its name…

And then the horror of those Christchurch shootings, as I watched on in shock, horror and pain I wondered is this really true? I could never have imagined something like this happening in a place I had come to call ‘Heaven on Earth’. My pain was immense, my feelings were deeply felt, I was hurting. Yesterday, I watched a New Zealand resident from Zimbabwe (who has been living there for 20 plus years) talk of her paradise being lost. It struck me deep those words and the pain in her eyes. I realised, that what we look for outside of ourselves really resides within each one of us. “He who is in peace with himself is in peace with the world”.

To me once again this underlines how important it really is for us, to take the time to care for ourselves, our needs and our deeper soul’s yearnings. In doing so we can care for one another and co-create a place, a ‘Heaven on Earth’ where it feels truly safe for each of us to land and have a place to call home. This is such an important and basic human need and one that is not met for some many people at this present time. I think we have to be the change we wish to see in the world and so when we take care of ourselves, when we value and love ourselves everything begins to change. And for lasting to change to really take effect we have to have a good old Spring clean of our thoughts, our ideas and our limiting beliefs. Challenging our assumptions and stretching what we thought we knew. By shape shifting our thoughts we can begin to transform from the inside out. De-cluttering and clearing out those old dusty ways of being and embracing ideas and behaviours that our more aligned with our souls inner knowing. And as I continue on the road less traveled and transform from the inside out I’ve been deeply inspired to create this upcoming workshop: Slow Flow, Recharge and Reset for you. 10% of proceeds will go towards those directly affected by the events in Christchurch, New Zealand

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