The Gifts of Uncertainty

I noticed how often uncertainty comes to sit with me and how I often in the past I would wish to squirm away or attempt to run and hide. As I breathe in and breathe out it emerges very clearly to me that all resistance here is futile.

She has many gifts to bestow. She lets me remember. She lets me know that it’s ok to breathe and let go.

That I no longer need to pretend that I have it all together when I clearly do not. That there is a divine consciousness, all knowing, all being, all seeing.

Beyond fear.

Beyond words and explanations.

I feel it in the cells of my being.

I breathe it in the aches and caresses of my heart.

I feel it in the knowingness of my gut and I trust in it so that I can say NO and say Yes.

That I too have a choice in how to respond instead of unconsciously react.

That in a groundless world the groundedness comes from feeling my feet on the ground – my beloved `tharthi’.

I breathe in and as I breathe out.

It’s OK to feel what your feeling.

It’s OK to get uncomfortable.

It’s OK that your mind does not understand.

It’s OK that your heart aches.

It’s OK to be you.

It’s OK to speak your truth.

It’s OK to make mistakes.

It’s OK to live life on your own terms even when other don’t get it nor understand.

It’s OK to be you your wise unconventional self she says.

I smile and I trust.

Thank you Uncertainty for the Divine gifts you bestow.

Thank you uncertainty for letting me reside within the Divine inner glow.

We will be exploring the gifts of uncertainty further in tomorrow’s workshop Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Transformation. May 19th 2019


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