The Girl With No Face

I wanted to share with you a poem that I was inspired to write for my younger self. This is for all our little girls and little boys who have something to share and say. This is for you my Shadow Child…

The Girl with No Face

As I came to sit. There she was with me.
The girl with no face and a heaviness I could both feel and see.
I felt a sense of fear and repulsion and wanting to run away.
The girl with no face spoke with no words and she asked me “Please will you stay”.
As I turned towards her, my fear began to melt.
As I looked a little deeper, there was a sense of us having previously met.
And so I sat with her for a while, watching and waiting patiently…
And then she began to share some secrets and I felt her lighten immediately.
As her story continued to unfold, I understood, there was something more.
I listened with tenderness, courage and love and helped open this heavy door.

And then I began to notice her change before my eyes.
Her innocence illuminating where before there seemed only dark skies.
And as I held out my hand to touch her, she came towards me and embraced me with delight.
“I Am Another You” she whispered and “I’m so sorry that I gave you a fright”.
My heart began to melt, as I observed intently once more.
She is a part of me I declared, a part of me upon which I had unconsciously closed a heavy door.

Artist Image above by Lia Kemura

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