The Inner Teacher, Who’s That?

Yoga can be many things to many people. For me the practice of yoga and meditation has harmonised the workings of my mind, body and spirit creating an interconnected dynamic that is more often than not able to work together as a team.  One unified team of energy working and co-creating together. What does that mean? It means I can live from a place of deeply going within,  having an uncanny sense of knowing and compassionately following the whispers and yearnings of my heart.

For me practicing yoga daily has awakened the wisdom of my heart. It has given me the courage and strength to follow this inner teacher, the guide inside. This inner guide is like a compass that that is navigating me towards my higher purpose and soul calling. The inner teacher whispers words of wisdom and courage to live a fearless life and go for my dreams no matter what. Even on those days when I’m feeling tired, sad, like I just don’t want to, the calling to do it anyway is getting stronger and stronger.

So I find that practicing yoga and meditation daily connects me with something much bigger than myself. Something I’ll call Source Energy and tunes me towards the infinite joy, abundance, health and happiness that lies therein.  In each breath, I breathe, I receive and remember “With great respect and love I honour my heart, my inner teacher.” (Mukunda Stiles). An affirmation that I share often in my classes and workshops. It deeply resonates and reminds me to breathe in, to breathe out; especially when I’m starting to get tired, stressed, feeling over worked or when I become overly analytical. I most grateful that it was shared with me by one of my favourite yoga teachers in London, Eunice Laurel. Thank you. Each breath is a moment within whcih we can change things, our perspective, our response, our willingness to take a step back from the daily drama that is unfolding and perhaps choosing how we respond instead of reacting (from the unconscious mind). For me this is extremely powerful as you awaken the teacher within and let the breath guide. The breath which always in the present moment as Dr. Kumar often reminds me.

And so I invite you on this journey within. I feel that we all have an inner teacher simply waiting and whispering for us to ‘wake up’. Can you hear her calling? Will you listen and respond? Yes? Then come and share with us and we can begin. See you soon. Namaste 🙂


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