Transformation and Feeling Uncomfortable

Transformation and Feeling Uncomfortable

Feeling uncomfortable and transformation are closely linked. One does not always follow the other. However, my experience suggests when I’m going through what I will label as a growth experience – feelings of discomfort, being triggered by an external situation will often arise. I notice that if I am able to take a pause, a step back and not unconsciously react to this, what often feels like an ‘explosive’ situation I notice both how I begin to shift and the situation itself. It is rather remarkable from the onset to observe.

And as I later ponder on what had occurred I begin to turn towards that which is deeply yearning to express and share something with me from within. This can often feel scary, unknown, uncomfortable, emotional and somewhat intense. I’m learning with curiosity, compassion and care to lean in and turn towards these deeper callings and yearnings, these deeper feelings. In doing so, I notice how the unconscious aspects of myself begin to shift and awaken. And as they become seen they impart wisdom and in doing so we (me and these unconscious feelings) begin the journey of integration and coming home back to ourselves.


If you’re interested to learn more then I warmly invite to join us on Sunday 19th May at Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Transformation as we explore practices that support this process.

Please note that no previous experience necessary a curious mind and willingness to awaken to what is calling you from within is.





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