Vision and Purpose

Breath and Being Yoga provides a platform and community for those of us interested in exploring physical, mental and spiritual health and well being . I would like to invite you on a journey of radical self inquiry. Starting simply with our breath using techniques like yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation. I also provide Coaching for personal growth and mastery and bodywork like  Thai Yoga Massage.

My Vision is to inspire beings to awaken, harmonise and connect with:
– the wisdom of their heart
– themselves
– one another
– the wider world
– Source

By doing so I wish to empower and inspire individuals to live a life of passion and purpose in the here and now as you follow the call of your deepest heart’s desires and awaken to the mystery within and without. Together we co-create a safe space for you to explore what this may mean for you. Whether in the form of bespoke one to one sessions, a class setting, course or workshop. As we awaken the teacher within, you will find yourself more in the flow of life enjoying new insights, clarity, present moment awareness and more. So come on – say yes to your yes and we can begin.

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