What is Yoga?

The answers to this this question never cease to amaze me.
When you Google What is Yoga? There’s over 2 million results that show up. To truly understand what it is I think you have to experience it. For me Yoga is essentially unity. What does that mean? It means a harmonising of mind, body and spirit which awakens the wisdom of the heart. The ability to listen to and act on this wisdom for me is Yoga. To follow the middle path, to relax, to take decisive action, to have a sense of inner knowing, to be present, alive, awake to the here and now, the magic of this moment. To love and take care of myself, to have compassion, to have awareness.  All of this and more ….for me this is a somewhat verbose taste of what we call Yoga.

Now I’ve often asked this question and often had different explanations from the teachers and mentors alike as they attempted to explain what yoga actually is, I realised that it is kind of like explaining what an apple tastes like to someone who has never tasted an apple…

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on What is Yoga? for you. Please do get in touch. If you’re curious to delve a little deeper and explore further come and try it for yourself. I look forward to seeing you at a workshop, one to one or class soon.

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